We want to be involved and contribute to sustainable development, take our responsibility to reduce our negative environmental impact and increase our positive impact on the people in our value chain.

In order for Widriksson to be able to work focused and strategically with sustainability, we have analyzed our most essential sustainability areas. These are derived from the three different areas of sustainability; economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our journey has only just begun and we intend to continue to drive the development of environmentally smarter transport forward.


Fossil-free deliveries

We see reducing our climate impact as a matter of course and a must. We are constantly working to review our operations and how we work to reach our clearly set goal – to have a climate-positive operation in 2030. With one of the market’s youngest vehicle fleets, we have modern, efficient and fuel-efficient vehicles that meet a high standard. All vehicles are powered by completely fossil-free and renewable fuels such as HVO, electricity and biogas. Our electricity is produced partly from our own solar cell plant, partly from purchased electricity labeled Bra Miljöval.

Social sustainability

Equality, diversity and inclusion

At Widriksson, we treat all people with consideration and respect, and include everyone regardless of background and circumstances. We do not accept that there is discrimination in the workplace or in the work situation. We work to promote a good working environment for everyone and to prevent all forms of discrimination. This means equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

We are involved in projects that promote integration and create jobs for people in socially vulnerable areas.

Sustainability report

We want to be a role model in the development towards a more sustainable society. Many of our customers are large international companies that are far ahead in the field of sustainability and thus place high demands on us as partners. By being transparent, we make it easier for customers at the same time as we increase our internal focus on constantly working forward and developing.

The overall goal is a completely climate-positive operation by 2030. One step on the way there is to be climate-neutral by next year, which means systematically reducing direct carbon dioxide emissions to as close to zero as possible.

Read our sustainability reports here:

Tempcon sustaianbility report 2022
Widriksson sustainability report 2021 (Swedish)
Widriksson sustaiability report 2019/2020 (Swedish)


We at Widriksson Logistik are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We lead the development of environmentally friendly transport within distribution. We have also been awarded ISO certificates for our work with Traffic Safety, ISO 39001 and Food Safety, ISO 22000.

Read our group-wide policy documents including environmental and quality policy. (Swedish)