Flat package on the way

For IKEA, we partly handle all home deliveries ordered from IKEA’s customers in the department store in Kungens Kurva, partly we handle the delivery of goods ordered through IKEA’s e-commerce for southern Greater Stockholm.

The assignment is carried out with vehicles that run on fossil-free fuels, electricity, biogas and HVO. The goods are delivered either to the plot boundary or to a designated place in a house or apartment. We take packaging and any returns with us when we leave. The customer is notified of the delivery via our digital delivery portal and can thus follow the delivery in real time, which increases customer satisfaction for the recipient.

Widrikssons has extensive experience with home deliveries, is well acquainted with our requirements for delivery security and can also offer fossil-free transport, which is in line with IKEA’s values. Catarina Gyllanderberg, Business Developer, IKEA Svenska AB.

– The task is carried out with two people; driver and carrier.
– Same day deliveries are offered.
– Delivered Monday – Sunday.

Coordination results in reduced environmental impact in the Södertörn municipalities

Coordinated goods distribution is about organizing the deliveries of goods that eight municipalities in Södertörn order for their businesses in a smoother and smarter way. We use our terminal in Västberga as a transshipment center for the transport of food to kindergartens, schools and other municipal units. We receive the goods, reload them and then deliver them in a combined transport to the various units. During the entire process, we maintain an unbroken cold chain, which ensures that the food maintains the same high quality as when it leaves the supplier.

We also provide a customer service linked to the assignment, which means that if a school is missing an item, we are the ones who pass it on to the wholesaler. Or if something is damaged or gone wrong.

With the coordination, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus the climate impact in the municipality’s transport. According to a survey by the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, emissions of carbon dioxide and health-hazardous air pollution from goods transport have decreased by 70 percent at Södertörn.

– We provide an unbroken cold and freezer chain for food deliveries.
– Food registered facility and food trained staff.
– Fossil-free transport – all heavy vehicles run on HVO 100.

Green deliveries of white goods

Skanlog is a Danish-owned 3PL company with a terminal in Eskilstuna from where appliances for Tretti and Whiteaway are distributed to consumers in Stockholm and Uppsala. The assignment is based on Skanlog delivering white goods to Widriksson’s terminal in Västberga, from where Widriksson delivers to customers in Stockholm and Uppsala. The assignment includes approximately 120 shipments every weekday, of which approximately 15 percent must be carried in to the customer and the rest are so-called curbside deliveries. In this assignment, special quality requirements are set. It is of utmost importance that the goods are not damaged. At each delivery, the drivers must photograph the goods and any deviations documented. In addition to that, time windows must be kept carefully and the packaging must always be complete, clean and nice. Widriksson also takes care of returns and disposes of used appliances as part of the assignment.

– The assignment is carried out with vehicles that are powered by fossil-free fuels.
– Deliveries take place on weekdays approximately 250 days per year.

MediCarrier chooses Widriksson Logistik for critical medical transport

MediCarrier has assigned Widriksson Logistik the task of transporting goods such as medical samples, medicines and sterile goods within the Stockholm region. The assignment places high demands on quality, safety and punctuality. It also places high demands on delivery precision, planning, temperature and improvement work. Transports of medical samples always require high delivery precision as it can be vital that a transport is carried out at the right time, in the right place and in the right temperature range. Medical samples also make high demands on confidentiality and misdelivery must not occur.

The environmental requirements are also high in the assignment and entail requirements for environmental class 6, biofuels and that the drivers must undergo training in economical driving. Widriksson Logistik has already had solid environmental thinking and runs, for example, 100 percent with fossil-free fuels.

Tailor-made solutions for Rexel

The assignment for Rexel includes collection of electrical items from Rexel’s distribution centers in Stockholm and Gothenburg, sorting and reloading at Widriksson’s terminals as well as local distribution to Rexel’s stores as well as end customers such as construction sites and construction companies.

The assignment places high demands on delivery precision, service and quality, which is the core of our business and something we are constantly developing. We have an ability to be adaptable and tailor our offering to suit the customer’s specific needs.

– Deliveries are made on weekdays.
– The assignment is run with vehicles powered by electricity, biogas and HVO.

A grocery bag arrived loaded

More and more of Coop’s customers choose to buy their food online. We distributed food bags to the Coop online customers who live in Greater Stockholm, Mälardalen and Gothenburg. Coop’s customers placed their order no later than midnight for delivery the next day. After all the orders were placed, our night crew did the route planning that formed the basis of the day’s runs. In the morning, our refrigerated vehicles were loaded with as high a degree of filling as possible so that each transport would be carried out with the greatest possible efficiency. All vehicles were driven with completely fossil-free fuels, partly biogas 100 and partly HVO 100.

– The mission was carried out with refrigerated vehicles powered by fossil-free fuels.
– The goods were delivered within a time window of two hours.
– Deliveries were made Monday – Sunday.